Hello 2019

Hello 2019

As an MIT student, Priyanka Bakaya spent a summer in India working in e-waste, and realized that plastics were often burned or dumped in the environment. She went back to MIT with a mission to find a solution.

Thus began Renewlogy, which uses a proprietary chemical recycling process to reverse plastic back to its basic molecular structure, then incorporate it into new products such as high-value fuels. Renewlogy now has two commercial-scale facilities in the US and Canada for chemically recycling plastics.

After meeting Hannah Trimble and discovering a shared passion for sustainability, design, and women’s empowerment, the duo is now launching a new Renewlogy Oceans initiative which aims to set up 100 biofences in major polluted rivers across the world to prevent plastics from entering the oceans.

The material collected will be processed in the company’s off-grid mobile systems, and revenues will go directly to the female waste-pickers who collect the waste. Their first project will be launched along the Ganges in India in 2019.


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